Frequently asked questions

How to find my Facebook Page Id?

Enter your page name on Facebook's search textfield then click on "About"

Then you should be able to see your Facebook page Id. Just copy/past it to registration form

IMPORTANT : Be sure to use your Facebook Page Id instead of your Facebook Profile Id. Live-poll can be only used with a Facebook Page, otherwise if you use your Profile Id instead of a Page Id it won't work.

What is the difference between the two offers?

If you are looking for a complete solution with custom features and design, the custom offer suits better your needs than the generic offer. In fact we can take care of everything even the broadcasting. Using generic offer you will have to handle the live poll broadcasting and all settings. Generic offer is more adapted for a personnal use than custom offer.

Do the API key I get can be used for multiple pages?

No, an API Key only works for one page. If you want to do various live polls on multiple pages you will need to purchase as many as necessary.

What is the maximum duration of live poll?

A live poll can have a maximal duraction up to 4 hours. If you exceed duration of 4 hours, your facebook live poll won't be saved to the videos of your Facebook page.