Premium live poll solutions

Live polling and gaming solutions for Facebook

We believe that every Facebook page should be able to provide interactive and premium content to its audience.
By this logic, we have the tools to create you a premium live polling or gaming Facebook campaign.
We develop custom solutions according to your needs.

What is a live reactions poll ?

A Facebook poll is a simple poll where users can react and give their opinion with the post reactions. It's an easy way to ask what people are thinking about several subjects such as current affair or the hot topic of nowadays

Why using Facebook poll


Dynamize your page with real-time surveys and increase your interaction rate.

Make your custom Poll

Put your own design following your graphic chart for a Professional render.

Enjoy results

Get detailed and complete results about the success of your live.

Creation of marketing and advertising Facebook poll or games

Don't wait to get your own live poll

Since 2013, our company Pinterac evolves as a service provider in the realization of playful web contents and the conception of web games, serious game or casuals. We now work and offer custom live poll solution for your facebook pages to increase the interaction rates and notoriety. We have develop our own API system to allow 100 % custom poll on your facebook page.

The average interaction rate is increased by 250% and the visibility by 380%

with a live-poll event made by us


Formalization of requirements / specifications:
We first discuss the nature of your activity, your audience, your marketing target and how you would like to set up a marketing strategy. Did you already have a .psd design ready to import?

Design and development
: We realize all the graphic part, animation, implementation of project according to the previously formalized need. Thanks to our Live solution, we have our own Facebook content management API and interactive live publication.

Beta test and launch:
We go through a validation step with you, to make sure the process, gameplay and game suit. Thus, the planning of the launch of the game is done and we ensure its monitoring. We work on delivering results and debriefing in order to anticipate and predict the next or new game.

Our previous work for Facebook live poll and dynamic interactions

Custom and Unique design with animations

Poll and vote with Facebook reations or comments
Interactive puzzle or crossword game as live
Possibility to add a countdown before start your live

We manage everything, from the setup to the launch
Its simple for everyone

Some of our Clients:
Media Markt
Carrefour Douai

Facebook live reactions : polling or gaming

Interactive campaigns possibilities are plural : live votes, quizz, runner, puzzle : the only limit is your imagination

On a Facebook Live like a real-time poll or on a Facebook game app (Html5) : 

  • Emoji voting counter and real time display of elements ( either through a number, a progress bar, a size-changing element, etc ..)
  • Display of a decor, visual elements, texts or video with animation (javascript animations, particles, movements, deformations, animations..)
  • Real-time interaction and « gameplay » : Real-time quizz, random draw among participants, battle of characters, correlate a live video via a caméra with the animation, labyrinths and moving éléments, video game trail, consideration of the interactions by individuals or groups..
  • Data processing, display scores, results, winner profile. Reporting on the event, adding data on a database.
  • Integration of your website, fast communication via mail or any other way of web communication
  • 360° image or video, 2D, 3D used with your live-poll


They use our live polling solutions

Major brands and Facebook pages with a huge audience are working with us.

One more


Contact us for a live poll or Facebook gaming project, we will reply as soon as possible

Pricing starts at $299